Solving Inequalities – Introduction and Basics of Inequalities

Inequalities are a topic of mathematics, and it is related to the size of two values. Solving inequalities are not very easy but it is also not tough, and if you can understand it concept and basics then you can become a master in it and solve any problem with ease. In it, the two values are comparing, and they can be equal, one value is greater than other or vice versa.

Some of the symbols used in inequalities:

As said before, the symbol is about comparing the two values, and there is a comparison between them and when it comes to comparison their usage of signs and in it greater and lesser than symbols are used for comparison.

  • In it, the aim is to obtain the value of X which is mostly on the left of the equation.
  • In it, the symbols and signs of the numbers changes if the move from left to right or right to left.
  • Some of the sign used in it are ≤, ≥, = and so on.
  • In it, greater sign, smaller sign, greater or equal to and smaller and equal to signs and terms used in it.
  • ˂ is used for less than, ˃ is used for smaller than, ≥ is used for greater than or equal to, ≤ is used for less than or equal to.
Solving Inequalities
Solving Inequalities

Things that could be done in equations which are safe:

  1. You can add any number from both the sides as it will be done to solve the problem more easily and through it, we can obtain a common number in it.
  2. You can subtract any number from both the sides, and it is also done for making the equation easy and for its easy solution.
  3. You can multiply both the sides without any problem as it will not affect the answer and solution to the equation.
  4. You can further divide both the sides of the equation as it will need to solve it correctly.
  5. And the last thing you can do is simply the both of the sides of the equation.

All the above mention things you can do for solving inequalities and it is an important trick in it as many questions will not be solved without adding them.

But adding, subtracting, multiplication and subtracting will bring changes in the direction of the inequalities.

  • When you divide or multiply the equation with any negative number, then it will lead to change its direction.
  • In it, greater than becomes smaller than and smaller than become greater than.

Besides these things you should consider some of the basic things and important points into consideration that will be important for solving inequalities right.

Note: Be careful with the negative signs as you will have to take care of these signs because they will change the whole structure of equation and it will lead to change in the direction of inequalities and reverse it.

So, this is all about solving inequalities, and I hope so you learn the basics of it through this article and next time you will know all the basics when you will solve them.