Finding the Greatest Common Factor GCD with Quickmath Calculator

The greatest common factor, commonly just indicated as GCD, refers to the largest number that can divide more than two integers without a remainder. The main condition is that neither of the two or more numbers be zero. Someone may wonder what it would actually help in real life, to struggle in the attempt of find a greatest common divisor. Some of its real life applications include cryptography and even more practical uses like sharing and distribution of profits.

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Finding GCD

When manually finding the GCD of a particular set of numbers, you will be required to start with the lowest common factor first. For example, if you have a set of five numbers, 2, 6, 8, 10, and 12; you will first have to start with the lowest possible factor, which can divide all these numbers without leaving a remainder. 1 is the number in that case. But 1 will always divide all numbers, so it usually is excluded in the list of possible greatest common factors, unless it happens that no other greater number can be settled on as the single greatest common divisor. Like in the set of numbers in our example, both 1 and 2 can divide all the numbers without leaving a remainder. But 2 is greater than 1, so 2 will be the GCD. Note that here we have picked on a very simple case for convenience. When it comes to very large numbers and decimals, the case actually gets beyond manual manipulation abilities.

Using Quickmath Calculator to find GCD

What happens in the background of the Quickmath Calculator is that it actually breaks each number into respective common factors. It represents all numbers in a set of their smaller expressed multiples. When all the factors have been identified, the largest of the common ones is selected and returned as a result. With Quickmath Calculator, you can actually get to follow the whole process of finding the factors and comparing them to come up with the needed GCD. What you need to do is visit Quickmath.Com. A homepage will work with an online model of a calculator in the display. For finding GCD, you will be required to select the factor option on the side bar. Enter the number you want to find independent numbers you want to find GCD for. After that, click on the factor button. The factors of the number will be displayed as the results. When you have repeated the process for the individual numbers you are looking for GCD for, then you can compare the results, and easily pick on the required GCD.  There are also the particular steps which have been followed, to come with the particular individual results. In any case that you are interested in following the individual steps one by one, Quickmath Calculator gives you that chance. You can also try as many complex numbers, to see the reality of how Quickmath Calculator works in finding GCD.


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